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Fees and Terms of Service


Why do I not post a fee schedule here? Every manuscript, just like every author, is different. If no two authors write alike, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all fee for editing. The level of editing needed, and thus the amount of time spent editing, varies with each project. Some clients prefer to pay page rates or project fees instead of hourly rates. Therefore, fees are negotiated for each project, depending on level of editing, project parameters, and project time frame. (However, you can get an idea of the range of fees charged for editing in the publishing industry by following many of the links on this page. Also, see this blog post for a discussion of several methods for structuring editing fees.)

Note: In all fee negotiations, 1 manuscript page is defined as 250 words. Microsoft Word's physical pagination is irrelevant.

I cannot determine the cost of editing for a project without having the opportunity to assess the manuscript regarding subject matter, quality of writing, complexity, length, and the level of editing needed versus the level of editing desired by the client. I will also need to know how many rounds of editing are desired, what the project deadlines are, and what the manuscript's target audience is.

For large projects, I may require periodic partial fee payments to be made during the editing process. Many times, a down payment of one-third to one-half of large project fees is required. Rush projects are accepted when possible, but they incur higher fees than nonrush jobs do.

All fee quotes are valid for 30 days; I reserve the right to revise a quote if you take more than 30 days to decide to go ahead with the project. If the size or scope of the project increases after a quote has been accepted, a revised fee will be negotiated.

Payment is accepted electronically via PayPal or in the form of bank wire transfers or business checks; personal checks are not accepted. Please note that if you pay using a bank wire transfer, your bank will charge you a fee for doing so. You will have to request bank account details from me for your bank to be able to complete the wire transfer. Late payment of a KOK Edit invoice may result in an additional fee of 15% of the original invoice amount.

Until I receive full payment for editing your manuscript, I retain copyright ownership of the work that I have done on the manuscript. This means that no journal or publisher can legally publish your work if you have not paid me for my editing. When I receive full payment from you, I no longer have any copyright claims on your work.

Terms of Service

As a highly experienced editor, I do top-quality editing of your manuscript. However, because I am human, I cannot guarantee that your manuscript will be error-free after I have edited it.

If I edit your manuscript and then you make more changes to it that you do not allow me to review before you submit it for publication, your publisher may think that you did not have your manuscript edited. I am not responsible for such an outcome. It is your responsibility to give me a chance to review all changes that you make to the manuscript before submission.

Sometimes after I have edited a manuscript for you and you have submitted it to a journal or publisher, you will be asked to revise it for content-related reasons rather than language-related reasons. You can then ask me to edit the revised manuscript before you resubmit it. But does that mean I am going to edit just the sections that you tell me you have revised? No. Here is an explanation.

Journals require complete transparency about authorship and about editorial assistance. Therefore, I require that in the Acknowledgments section of your manuscript, you include the following sentence: Medical editor Katharine O'Moore-Klopf, ELS (East Setauket, NY, USA) provided professional English-language editing of this article.

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