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I accept payment via PayPal (electronic transfers from bank accounts or credit cards) for editing services rendered. Click here to make a payment now. Read more...
Fees and Terms of Service
Why does KOK Edit not post a fee schedule here? Every manuscript, just like every client, is different. And what are the terms of service for working with KOK Edit? Read more...
Forms and Contracts
Whether you are hiring a freelance editor or writer or working as one, you want a contract in place, whether an informal or a complex legal document. KOK Edit has a small library of agreements that are readily adapted for use with clients. Two are here as samples: a project estimate letter and an editorial contract.
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Privacy Policy
KOK Edit does not divulge, without written permission, any contact information of clients or prospective clients. Details of contracts and details of projects in progress are held in strictest confidence. The title of a published book, journal article, or monograph I have edited may be included in the Projects section of this web site. Similarly, client names may be listed on the Clients page. Client testimonials, which appear throughout the site, are used only with written permission.