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All issues of the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine :: medical journal articles

Xiao-Guang Cheng, MD :: medical journal article
"Heterogeneity in Spinal Bone Mineral Density Among Young Adults From Three Eastern Provincial Capital Cities in Mainland China," Xiao-Guang Cheng, Kai Li, Shan-Xing Ou, Guang-Yu Tang, Qian-Qian Wang, Chao Wang, Ling Wang, Wei Tian [Journal of Clinical Densitometry; 2017;20(2):198–204]

Ayumi Kaneuji, MD, PhD :: medical journal article
"Biomechanical Behavior of Stem and Cement in a Collarless Polished Tapered Stem and a French Stem: An Experimental Study Using an Original Biomechanical Instrument," A. Kaneuji, E. Takahashi, R. Tsuda, Y. Numata, T. Matsumoto, K. Hirosaki, M. Takano [Bone & Joint Journal; 2016;98-B (Suppl 8):75]

Won Gyun Lee, MD :: medical journal article
"Vertebral Compression Fracture Within a Solid Fusion Mass Without Trauma After Removal of Pedicle Screws," Sung Kyu Kim, MD; Jae Yoon Chung, MD, PhD; Hyoung Yeon Seo, MD, PhD; Won Gyun Lee, MD [Spine Journal; 2016;16(3):e219–e223]

Xiaomei Ma, MD :: medical journal article
"Pilomyxoid Astrocytomas with Rare Rosenthal Fibers," Xiaomei Ma, Yin Wang, Huimin Liu, Hongyu Yu, Jin He [Brain Tumor Pathology; 2016; 33(1); 35–39]

XiaoWei Xie, MD :: medical journal article
"Does Patellar Denervation Reduce Post-operative Anterior Knee Pain After Total Knee Arthroplasty?" XiaoWei Xie, FuXing Pei, ZeYu Huang, Zhen Tan, Zhouyuan Yang, PengDe Kang [Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy; 2015;23(6):1808–1815]

Wei Zheng, MD, PhD :: medical journal article
"Biomechanical Comparison of Pedicle Screw Augmented with Different Volumes of Polymethylmethacrylate in Osteoporotic and Severely Osteoporotic Cadaveric Lumbar Vertebrae: An Experimental Study," Da Liu, MD, PhD; Bo Zhang, PhD; Qing-yun Xie, PhD; Xia Kang, PhD; Jiang-jun Zhou, PhD; Cai-ru Wang, MD, PhD; Wei Lei, MD, PhD; Wei Zheng, MD, PhD [Spine Journal; 2016;16(9):1124–1132]

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