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Hiroyuki Aono, MD, PhD :: medical journal article
"Fusion Rate and Clinical Outcomes in Two-Level Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion," Hiroyuki Aono, MD, PhD; Shota Takenaka, MD PhD; Yukitaka Nagamoto, MD, PhD; Hidekazu Tobimatsu, MD; Masayuki Furuya, MD, PhD; Motoki Iwasaki, MD, PhD [World Neurosurgery; 2018;112:e473–e478]

Hiroyuki Aono, MD, PhD :: medical journal article
"Temporary Short-Segment Pedicle Screw Fixation for Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures: Comparative Study With or Without Vertebroplasty," Hiroyuki Aono, MD, PhD; Keisuke Ishii, MD; Hidekazu Tobimatsu, MD; Yukitaka Nagamoto, MD, PhD; Shota Takenaka, MD, PhD; Masayuki Furuya, MD, PhD; Horii Chiaki, MD; Motoki Iwasaki, MD, PhD [Spine Journal; 2017;17(18):1113–1119]

Dejin Yang, MD :: medical journal article
"Location of the Common Peroneal Nerve in Valgus Knees—Is the Reported Safe Zone for Well-Aligned Knees Applicable?," Dejin Yang, MD; Hongyi Shao, MD; Yixin Zhou, MD, PhD; Hao Tang, MD; Shengjie Guo, MD [Journal of Arthroplasty; 2017 June 2 (Epub ahead of print)]

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